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It all starts with a call 

When it comes to your business only the best will do, which is why we always start off with a free consultation. This consultation is a small investment to make sure you are doing what is best for you and your business.

Develop a plan 

Through strategizing, auditing, and design work I am here to help you. Together we will come up with a plan that best fits your needs, your timeline and your budget to have your website gorgeous and working for you in no time! 

Sit back & relax

Dealing with the techy stuff in a business can be a huge stress and strain on day-to-day operations. Which is why you asked for help! I am here to take that stress and strain away and get you focused on what you love doing most... building your biz! 

Free SEO Cheat Sheet!

4 Simple Steps to increasing your online visibility! 

I don't have to tell you how important it is to show up on PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE! You already know that, which is probably why you are here!  

But did you know there is around 40,000 searches on Google every second? And that with a little time, planning and effort, (and I mean just a little!) you can start becoming a part of those searches by making your content more visible. 

Teresa Schlup ~ Web Designs by Teresa

I didn’t set out to become a web designer… It all happened by accident!

When I was a new entrepreneur I was pretty short on cash. Not wanting to take out a business loan I was doing it all from my own money. Like many I thought I would save money and create my own website.  Had I known what I was getting myself into I probably wouldn’t be here today!

I signed up with a website hosting company that promised to make my DIY website “easy, simple and beautiful.”  I was so excited that I would be able to create and launch my website in just a few hours, and couldn't wait to see it. Weeks later, I was still waiting... 

Websites Built with love 💖


Revitalize Your Website 5 Star Audit ~ Web Designs by Teresa

Revitalize Your Website 5 Star Audit

Have you ever wondered if the message on your website is reaching your clients in the way you intended? Being so attached to the work you do it is sometimes hard to see things through the eyes of your client and it is easy to miss things that could just send them looking elsewhere. 

Website in a Day ~ Web Designs by Teresa

 Website in a Day

Are you looking to get your website up and going as quickly as possible? This package just may be the answer to your prayers! It is ideal for those on a tight budget who need to get up and running as quickly as possible. We do the planning, I do the work, while you relax and work on your biz! 

Custom Website Design ~ Web Designs by Teresa

Custom Web Design

You need more than the basic design and you know a cookie cutter website just isn't going to work. This package works with you to take you from the planning stages of your website to the launch of your gorgeous website that is set up to work harder than you! 


Customer love

Author Rosemarie Ross

Teresa cares about her clients, and their success. She took the time to get to know me and my vision for a website to enhance my writing career. She listened to my ideas and took the time to research the market place to help me incorporate ideas to create a professional website that stands out from the crowd.

Rosemarie Ross, Author of the Courtney Archer Mystery Series

Crystal Nerpel with Cloud Nine Organizing

Having someone who can make suggestions about improving your business in ways you hadn’t even thought of is a wonderful gift. She is more than a great web designer. She is full of business experience, ideas and inspiration. Thank you Teresa!!

Crystal N. Owner, Cloud Nine Organization

Author Christine Mager Wevik

I’m so fortunate to have found such a gifted, knowledgeable webmaster for my website! Teresa knew how to achieve the feel of the page I was seeking, and went over and above to make sure I was completely happy with my website. Her patience and quick response to questions and concerns are a plus! I would definitely recommend her to friends (and have)!

Christine Wevik, Author of Vacant Eyes

You scrolled to the bottom 😍 I am so honored! 

So you've made it to the bottom of my page, which tells me if you definitely a little bit curious and even maybe a little interested in how I can help you, but something has kept you from clicking the button to get started.  It could be that I am super entertaining, but probably not. My guess is you are thinking, "This all sounds good but is she really a good fit for what I need?" To which I want to say, "That is an excellent question!" 

Truth is I may not be the best fit for your needs, and if that is the case, there are no hard feelings. I would much rather see you happy and loving your website, then feeling stuck or hijacked by anyone. 

But since you're here, why not schedule a chat. A cup of coffee and 15 minutes is a small investment, and one that could just give you everything you are looking for in a website! 

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