Branding Your Biz FREE Masterclass

Create the visual elements of your Business Brand like a pro!

Here is what you will learn in this Masterclass 

  • Create your own logo with simple to use free tools
  • Choose brand colors that connect with your ideal customer
  • Identify fonts that best represent your brand personality
  • Finish by creating a Branding Style Guide to use for all of your marketing needs 

What others are saying...


Thank You Teresa for creating The Branding Your Biz Masterclass. After being in business for over five years, I felt I had a good handle on my branding. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I learned from your class. I loved the exercises and information you shared. After the completing the class, I made a few changes in my branding that truly represents my business (and myself). I highly recommend this class for someone starting in business, and for more seasoned business owners as a refresher. Thanks again for this class. 

Kim VanderPoel 

CEO, Social Media Strategist and Trainer
Fresh Impact, LLC


The world of business is changing and when we come out of this pandemic on the other end, it will not be what it was.


The businesses who stay alive will be changing their WHY and HOW to meet the new challenges and reinventing to survive and thrive... Your Branding You Biz Workshop is helping people do this. Thank you!

Pat McGill

Speaker, Energy to Inspire People 


This is not just for brand new business owners. I am making a shift in my business, so this was the perfect time for me to reevaluate my branding. Teresa's Branding Your Biz Masterclass really helped me get deeper clarity on how to make sure my branding is in alignment with my core values. This masterclass makes you pause, and intentionally evaluate the message you are sending to your potential clients. This class gave me the clarity I needed to tweak my branding as I move in a new, exciting direction!

Crystal Nerpel

Professional Organizer
Cloud Nine Organizing


I have often thought about how I want my company to be seen by clients – how I want to connect to my clients. But, I never really put those thoughts to paper, and I certainly never thought about the connection between logo colors and font styles to the feeling clients have for my company. Teresa’s Branding Your Biz master class tied together all of those pieces for me and enabled me to be sure everything related to my brand fits the overall image and feeling I want my company to portray. Plus, the free resources she includes in the class are invaluable. Thanks, Teresa for helping me organize all the aspects of my brand and helping my business shine!

Betty Hilliard

Copy Writer/Copy Editor

Mainstay Editorial Services

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