February 15

Create Your “About Me” Story Exercise!

Check out this “About Me” Story Exercise

In my last post I shared ways of being relatable when sharing your story on your about me page. So today I thought I would follow things up with the “About Me” Story Exercise.

Along with these examples I shared the about me pages of three of my favorite empowered women, and why I love their pages so much.

I have had some really incredible conversations about this topic over the past few days and wanted to take things a little deeper.  I get it! Writing our story from the heart isn’t always easy, so today I am sharing three deep thinking exercises to tell your story in a way that makes you relatable to your ideal customers!

Let’s just skip the recap and take me to the exercise! Share your StruggleBe warm and invitingConnect through a shared desire

Tips for writing a relatable About Me page story

Posted by Teresa Schlup, Web Design on Friday, February 15, 2019

Video Recap and Exercise

Sharing Your Struggle 

Write your story from a heart centered place as you work through the steps below. Don’t worry about perfection, there is plenty of time to pretty things up once your story has been told in this initial draft.

1. What was the struggle you faced that inspired you to take action?

– Was it stress and chaos like Crystal? (click here to read her story)
– Health issues?
– Financial stress?

What ever it is, it is real and you are definitely not alone so don’t sugar coat it in the first draft. Just get it all out on paper so the story begins to come to life.

2. How did this struggle make you feel?

– Overwhelmed? Defeated?
– Hopeless?
– Invisible?
– Something else?

Write down every word that comes to mind when thinking of how this struggle made you feel.

3. What was your life changing moment?

For Crystal her life changing moment came when she made the deliberate choice to declutter her diet. What is your life changing moment?

4. What is life like now?

– How do you feel now?
– How has your life improved since making your deliberate choice?
– Have your relationships with others improved? How?

Think of what the greatest win has been in making this change.


Being Warm and Inviting

For this exercise I want you to begin with a visualization, before writing out the story that forms in your mind. Don’t worry about perfection, there is plenty of time to pretty things up once your story has been told in this initial draft.

1. Imagine you are about to sit down and have a conversation

Someone you enjoy spending time with and that you value and respect.

– How would you welcome them?
– What would you offer?
– Something to drink like Micara in a coffee shop? (click here to read Micara’s story)
– A handshake? A hug?

2. Think about how you want to make them feel?

– Welcomed?
– Safe?
– Loved?

See this moment in your mind, and allow yourself to feel the warmth you would extend to this person.

3. What would you say?

– The journey you have taken to be where you are?
– The adventure of creating incredible change in your life?
– Experiences that helped you become the person you are today?

Imagine how the conversation would go and how you want to share what you have to share.

4. Write what you envisioned.

Write it out what you imagined and saw as you worked through this exercise


Connecting through a Shared Desire

Write your story from a heart centered place as you work through the steps below. Don’t worry about perfection, there is plenty of time to pretty things up once your story has been told in this initial draft.

1. What is it that you truly desire?

 – What is it that you desire?
–  Is it to be a successful entrepreneur like Chelsea? (click here to read Chelsea’s story.)
– Do you want to be healthy and fit?
– Be financially stable?

2. Now look beneath that layer and go deeper?

– What change do you want to see in your life?
– In the world?
– What is it that you truly desire at a deeper level?
– To be seen? Free of health issues?
– Living comfortably?
– Money to travel? Invest? Or for a major purchase?
– Something else?

Take this exploration as deep as you can go, and try to go even deeper. There is something within you that is going to connect to those looking for exactly what you have to offer.

3. What steps are you taking to create that change in your own corner of the world?

– How are you making your dreams come true?
– What tools/resources are you using?
– What changes have you made in your daily life?

You have a plan of action for the changes you want to make, now it is time to share it!

4. How will this change make you feel?

– Impact your life and the lives of others?
– What deeper awareness will you receive?
– Will it be simply being seen, as Chelsea’s clients?
– Is it a desire to feel how and healthy?

Take this as deep as you can and write out what comes to you from a heart centered place.

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