Creating Great Lead Magnets

Creating Great Lead Magnets - Inspirational Web Designs by Teresa

Creating Great Lead Magnets that Engage Your Ideal Customer

As I shared last week, one of the best ways to build your email list is to create a freebie your ideal customers will love, aka a lead magnet. There are a lot of freebie ideas out there, some great, and others not so great. Many promise amazing while delivering mediocrity. Others over deliver so much it becomes overwhelming to receive. Ideally you want to be in the middle — promise amazing and deliver just a little more than that. Doing so creates a level of trust and shows a little love. Both of which are crucial when building your customer list.

Interactive Quiz

An interactive quiz is a great tool that can easily be shared on social media. When set up well, a quiz will offer immediate value, giving people a little something to entice them, and making them want more. There are two ways you can set up your quiz. The first to ask enticing questions that are so juicy they will gladly provide their email address for the results. A great example of this format is the Empowered Woman Quiz from Paula Lacobara.  Paula guides you through getting connecting with the  thoughts and beliefs within you.  By the end of this quick and easy quiz you cannot wait to see just which of the 5 archetypes you are currently resonating with.  The second approach gives people results right away, results they may just want to share on social media, while offering them the option to receive more in exchange for their email address.

Fast Results Challenge with social media interaction

Challenges are a great way to connect on an intimate and personal level with your ideal client. They offer a close look at you, your personality, values and beliefs. They also offer a glimpse of the passion you put into your business, product and services. The key to a really good challenge is fast results. Ideally you would want to finish the challenge within 3 – 5 days. You can go longer, and I personally have signed up for challenges that are as long as 30 days. The trouble I discovered with these is that many people stop participating after a week or so, if they last that long. There is a lot of planning and energy in creating a really good challenge, and if most aren’t completing it, then it is time and energy wasted. And when someone can see the impact you have made in their life within a few days, they are more likely to want to know more about who you are and what you do. For a little more insight into challenges, take a look at this interview with my dear friend and mentor/coach Paula Lacobara, who’s challenge two years ago lead to us working together in a really big way.

Mini course

Offering a timeless evergreen course with a single focus is another great way to connect with your ideal customers. A mini course gives them a really close look at you, your business, services and products. While it isn’t quite as intimate as a social media challenge, it is a great way to display your talents in a professional setting.And just like the social media challenge, you want to provide a mini course that promises quick results, as this is going to show the power of working with you and the impact you can have on a person’s life. This could be anything from one module teaching a valuable skill to multiple modules, like three to five, that build upon each other. Take a look at these great examples…

Free e-book

A few years back it seemed that everyone was offering a free e-book. The trouble with these freebies were they often required quite a bit of energy to get the results promised. When a big effort is required, they are less likely to complete it. When this happens, they haven’t just lost interest in your e-book, they have probably lost interest in you. But don’t let this discourage you. With a little thought and planning an e-book can still work to your advantage. And if it is really amazing, they will be happy to tell their friends about it. Consider these suggestions when creating your e-book…

  • Keep it Simple
  • Make it interactive
  • Create something visually appealing
  • Offer enough to make them want more

One Page Cheat Sheet

A one page cheat sheet is great, especially when it is something that can be posted at their desk, on the refrigerator or some other common area, to inspire positive change and offer immediate help.

There are of course more lead magnets that you can choose from including Webinars, free software downloads, and more. Choose one that most clearly represents you, your business, product and service. One that you can create with the same passion you put into your business, and remember…

Whatever you choose to create, take the time to create it well, as quality is the key to your lead magnet success!