Inner Light Engineering

Coaching Client, Design Project, WordPress

The Project

A full redesign of her website originally built in the GoDaddy Website Builder. 

The Design Platform...

Hosted WordPress using Thrive Themes

The Client

Susie is an incredibly talented energy worker, trained and certified in multiple modalities.  She works with clients across the globe in person, over the phone and through video chat. She also teaches workshops in the various modalities she provides. 

Susie has the most incredible energy, and her love and nurturing nature is felt instantly. She has an incredible knowledge about energy medicine, intuition development as well as anatomy and biology, ensuring she is well rounded.  

What we did... 

  • Customized color palette to highlight Susie's incredible energy
  • Custom design with focus on simplicity  and style
  • AWeber Email management integration
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Acuity Integration
  • Blog integration from separate blogging site
  • Opt-in Landing page template
  • Business Consultations & Mentorship
  • Annual security maintenance package
  • Continual design support

What I loved about this project... 

Susie is a wealth of knowledge, which she shares freely with those she meets. Having this opportunity to work on her website, gave me in depth insight into the knowledge she shares. Not only did I learn a great deal about the services she provides, I also experience my own healing and transformation while working with Susie on this project. 

A few words from Susie...

I don’t always have time for a testimonial, but I do have time for a flat out over the moon BRAG!!!

Just like Teresa, I am a 1 women business owner/operator, mother, and community volunteer. Just like Web Designs by Teresa, my company puts clients first. All the background work such as administrative duties, marketing, bookkeeping, client record keeping, scheduling appointments, receptionist, etc. is done between clients. Then there is family and volunteer time which to both Teresa and me is not negotiable. So it is critical that my administrate work is organized and efficient! HENCE MY GORGOUS PRACTICAL WEBSITE!

Teresa designed a website for me that handle my marketing, scheduling, and payments. That’s just the functional side of it. Teresa took the time to get to know me, my services as a healer, my dreams & goals, and business potential. She inspired me to level up my business. It’s scary to get out of the comfort zone, here’s what happened when I did under Teresa’s program.

When I saw the website she designed for me for the first time, I truly thought I was looking at someone else amazing business. The first thought/feeling I had been “yeah- I want to work with this lady, who is she? What can she do for me? … I want a website like this….” Then it took a minute to realize “Holy Crap- that’s me!!!” In that moment I realized my own potential, Teresa showed me how the rest of the world can and will see me as a credible business women and BodyTalk Practitioner whose services get results!

Every small business needs this kind of guidance! I have even signed up to continue to work with Teresa and her coach package so that I can continue my marketing in order to expand into more markets.

Susie Buck// Inner Light Engineering // www.SusieBuck.com

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