Creating a Logo that Stands Out

Creating a Logo that Stands Out

For the DIYer looking to create a logo that stands out.

Logos are in their essence an icon of your brand.  They are meant to speak to who you are, what you do, and stand out among the crowd.  This isn’t always as easy as you may think, particularly in a world in which images speak to us about everything.  So, there is a definite benefit in using a professional graphic designer when it comes to creating your logo.  Especially if you want a logo that pops and gets noticed.

A talented graphic designer stays up to date with industry trends.  They understand the benefits of subtle messages and can create extraordinary while remaining simple

Yet a professional graphic designer isn’t always in the budget right off the bat.  There are cheaper avenues, such as Fiverr.com, where you can get a logo for $5 yet if you aren’t careful and select wisely these can come across as a basic cookie cutter logo with little to no imagination.

This is when you may feel tempted to simply create your own logo.  If this is you, take a look at these tips for creating a logo that really pops!

Use Graphic Design software/application

You don’t have to subscribe to a costly program if you aren’t going to use it all the time, but you need to have something.  Creating a logo in Microsoft Word or some other word processor program is a sure way to look like an amateur. I suggest checking out logomkr.com or www.Canva.com.

Keep is simple

Complicated logos don’t resize well, are not easily recognizable and can be confusing to your ideal customer.  This will have them skimming past you and your business without a second thought.

Clearly represent your business

While there is a desire to be creative and clever, this only works in your favor when your ideal clients can quickly understand your creative cleverness in a matter of seconds, say 2-3 seconds. If an explanation is necessary, many will keep searching.

Be consistent with your branding

Before creating a logo, it is important to spend a little time creating your brand including a color palette and fonts that are chosen specifically to speak to your ideal customers.  These colors and fonts must then extend into your logo.

Connect with your ideal customer

While it would be fabulous to be able to sell to everybody, it is impossible to provide a product or service that everybody needs.  This is why it is so important to understand your ideal customer and what speaks to them.

Easily remembered and recognized

You want a logo that captures your ideal customer’s attention and stands out each and every time they see it.  Think of the logos used for Target, FedEx and other big brands.

Strive for scalability and versatility

Strive to create a logo that looks great big and small.  One that works for business cards, letterhead, graphics, websites and videos.

Always visible

Colors are great, but you also want a logo that can be printed in all white, all black, and as a watermark. You also wanted to consider that some of your clients may be color blind. Making it difficult for them to see the logo you have created.

Multiple file Formats

Make sure whatever you use, allows you to save the logo in various file formats.  I once played around with a software application that only downloaded images as a .tiff.  Not very helpful as .tiff isn’t a recognizable format in quite a few applications.

Transparent Download

When it comes to using your logo across all marketing materials you will need a transparent background.  Not having this option means that your logo will always have a white box behind it, which can make your marketing materials look awkward and unprofessional.

The last piece of advice I can offer, is to be patient with yourself. After all you are stepping out of your comfort zone a bit by acting as your own graphic designer.  Applaud your ingenuity and have a little fun.