Engaging Your Ideal Customer: One Page Checklist, Cheat Sheet

Engaging Your Ideal Customer: One Page Checklist, Cheat Sheet - Inspirational Web Designs by Teresa

Simplify their life with a One Page Checklist, Cheat Sheet

As I shared in my last post, one of the best ways to build your email list is to create a freebie your ideal customers will love, aka a lead magnet. There are a lot of freebie ideas out there, some great, and others not so great. Many promise amazing while delivering mediocrity. Others over deliver so much it becomes overwhelming to receive. So in the next few blog posts I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorites freebies. I will also be sharing some tips as well as a couple of interviews with some of my favorite entrepreneurs. We start off this week talking about the One Page Checklist, Cheat Sheet.​ 

The One Page Checklist, Cheat Sheet is one of the easiest lead magnets to create. It can be put together relatively quickly, and added to your website with minimal effort. It is also a favorite for many as it has the ability to improve our lives in a single sheet of paper. 

This single sheet of paper could be something your ideal customer posts at their desk for organization and inspiration. It could be something to add to the refrigerator to help the whole family. Or perhaps something to add to the bathroom or medicine cabinet to inspire natural health care practices.

Whatever your area of expertise is, I am certain there is a one page checklist, cheat sheet you can create.

One that will improve their lives and help them become more focused and organized with the changes they are looking to make. Take a look at this interview with my dear friend, and organizing expert, Crystal of Cloud Nine Organizing where she shares how powerful quick and easy organization can be.​

Click here for a look at Crystal’s Declutter. Destress. Simplify. Family Duties Checklist, and while you are there be sure to check out her blog for a ton of organizing inspiration! 

Now when it comes to creating your one page checklist, here are a few things to consider:

Create something visually appealing

You want something that is eye catching and easy to look at. Something that will grab their attention and act as a friendly reminder to follow the great advice you are sharing. One of my favorite resources for creating something visually appealing is Canva. It’s a free resource, offers $1 stock images and can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Keep is simple, yet informative

Simplicity is the key to a successful checklist or one page cheat sheet. By keeping it simple you show that you value their time by getting to the point quickly. Plus, it makes it easier to pick up on the advice you are sharing when it is short and simple.

Use easy to read fonts

As tempting as it is to us fun, funky or even swirly fonts, I encourage caution. Some of those fabulous fonts don’t print well or are not easy to read at a glance. Skip the swirls and the pencil thin lettering. Go for something that is more on the bold side with clearly defined letters.

Make sure it looks great when printed in black and white

Not everyone has or wants to use their colored printer for a checklist. That’s okay. You want to be accommodating to your customers any way and this is an easy way to accommodate them.

Always, make sure your logo and website address are clear and easy to read

As Crystal shared with us, you don't want your checklist to look like an ad. It is a nice gift to offer, so no need to be salesy.  That being said, your logo and website address should stand out and be seen. While you don’t want them to overshadow your great advice you do want them to be clearly seen. The more they see your logo the more familiar they become with you and your products or services. And the more they will recognize you and engage with you in other ways such as social media.

A final piece of advice

One word of advice, print off your check list and post it in the area of your home or office where you envision your ideal customers using it. This is going to give you a good idea how it will look for others and if it is something that will be beneficial.