Discover how to Speak authentically in this Online Mentorship with Web Designer Teresa Schlup

Online Mentorship

Clarify your message and speak authentically with my Online Mentorship

Having an incredible website is great, but knowing what to do after your website launch is an entirely different story.  This is where the Online Mentorship can help you out! 

I will never forget the first website I launched. Sitting at my computer with a buzzing excitement waiting for my ideal clients to discover me.  I just knew they were going to love me and soon business would be booming!  

Except that isn't what happened.  In fact, only 300 people visited the website in the full year I had it.  (Thank God for family and friends!)

I didn't realize that there is more to launching than just publishing my site.  We have to get out there and engage with our ideal customers in a way that is real and authentic, so they want to become our favorite customers! 

Getting out there and engaging doesn't have to be scary, overwhelming or time consuming! All you have to do is create your personal rules of engagement! In this 12-Week Mentorship I will work with you one-on-one to define the rules of engagement that work best for your business.  We are going to tap into your natural talents and strengths to create an authentic online message so the world can see just how amazing you are!  

Your 12 Week Mentorship includes 

  • An initial, two-hour brainstorming session to quickly clarify your vision, goals and dreams 
  • Eleven weekly appointments to help you plan, create and clarify your voice and message
  • Two 15-minute Emergency Sessions for those just-in-case moments
  • Personalized Coaching to help you share your message authentically in person and via video
  • Facebook, blog & newsletter support to help you engage with your audience  
  • Free access to Premium Monthly Support 
  • Special, surprise gifts and bonuses to support you on your journey!

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Let's chat!