Your Story. Your Brand.


This planner is perfect for those struggling to create their “About Me” page

People buy from the people they know! In the digital world we live in, IT IS EASY to make real connections with the people we are meant to serve, when we share our story.

In fact, 2020 is going to be the year of personalized marketing, according to a recent article published by Forbes and what better way to personalize your business than story!



What you will discover inside your planner

19 pages packed with insight and exercises to help you write an “About Me” page for your website that is ready to publish or send to your web designer right away.

  • Step 1: What’s Your Why?
    • Exercise: Create a Vision Board
  • Step 2: Your Story Matters
    • Exercise: Write Your Personal Story
  • Step 3: Write Your Mission Statement
    • Exercise: Write Your Mission Statement
  • Step 4: Your Unique Offer
    • Exercise: Share Your Business Story
  • Step 5: Attracting Your Ideal Client
    • Exercise: Create Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Step 6: Your Story Becomes Your Unique Products and Programs
    • Exercise: 20 Problems Your Ideal Client Will Face
  • Step 7: The Best Marketing Comes from Sharing Your Story Authentically
    • Exercise: Research Stories and Authenticity
  • Step 8: Unique Stories Turn Competitors Into Colleagues
    • Exercise: List Your Top Competitors and Brainstorm Ways to Work Together


Branding Bundle - Build your Visual Brand with these 2 planners

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Get the Branding Your Biz Planner and the Your Story. Your Brand. Planner together as a bundle and save $$$.

This bundle gives you 30 nine pages to develop your business branding to use for your website, networking events and printed materials right away, SAVING YOUR HOURS (MAYBE EVEN WEEKS) OF WORK!

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