Soulful Strategizing with Web Designer Teresa Schlup
Soulful Strategy with Teresa Schlup

Witnessing incredible change in the world is one of the most amazing things about the work that I do. 
We all have something incredible to share with the world, and the courage within us to share. 

Are you ready to share your "Something Incredible?" Let's chat!

The 3 Stages of the Soulful Strategy Session

Your "Why" ~ When we start with our "why" our true purpose always shines through!
During our sessions we will always start with your "why" and I want to know everything! Why you are considering the changes you are making? Why is this change important you and the world around you? 

Your "What" ~ The "what" to do next is one of the most empowering decisions you can make! 
While our "why" is our guide post when making changes within our life, the "what" can be the scariest decision we make, but it doesn't have to be. We are going to tap into your intuition and inner guidance so your next step becomes clear and necessary!

Your "How" ~ Once you are clear on your "why" and "what" the "how" comes easy!
This is where the fun really begins! Now it is time to strategize and determine your next best steps to creating the dream you have imagined! 

What to expect from your Soulful Strategy Session...

We are going to focus in on your passions and dreams as well as your natural born talents and strengths. These are the gifts given to you from the beginning to help you realize your dreams after all!

You will also receive

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    2  - 1.5 hour personalized one-on-one coaching strategy calls  
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    Weekly check-ins for 30 days for additional support and encouragement
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    Special gifts for inspiration and encouragement as you create your "something incredible"
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    Continued support, love and encouragement throughout your journey

All for an investment of $497

Are you ready to share your "Something Incredible?" Let's chat!