July 21

Tips for the DIY Web Designer

Top 3 Tips for the DIY Web Designers

Today building your own website is easier than ever. There are countless design platforms out there to use, many of which offer support and guidance for branding, royalty free imagery and design. The trouble with many of these design platforms that many DIY web designers over look is that each template or theme is created with someone else’s vision in mind.

If you don’t make a point to bring your own vision into focus, you will end up with an ho-hum website that doesn’t reflect how amazing you truly are.

So today I thought I would share with you my top 3 tips for the DIY Web Designers

1. Get clear on our brand.

Many web design platforms are going to determine colors, fonts, and other branding details for you. These may or may not work for you and your brand. Being clear on your branding elements is going to help choose a design platform that works with your branding. (Check out this FREE Branding Your Biz Masterclass for help gaining clarity on your branding)

2. Know what you have to say.

Again many design platforms and templates are going to provide you with pages that “you need” for your website. Having these pages provided for you is going to make you feel obligated to fill them, wasting precious time. Knowing what you have to share allows you to create a website map that you can then use to develop only what you need, and deleting what you don’t need.

3. Devote time specific to website design.

Even if you have been provided the best template in the world, you are still going to need time to make it your own. Your website should be a direct reflection of you, your business and the value you add to the world. Creating this for the world wide web takes time. So be sure to schedule uninterrupted to focus on just your website. (Need help creating a website map? Check out this post Website Brainstorming.)

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A little bit about Teresa...

Hello! I am so glad you are here, and I am excited for this chance to tell you a little bit more about me! I am an accidental web designer who found this dream job totally by accident! (Isn't it great when that happens!) And now I have the pleasure of spending most of my days building gorgeous websites through Squarespace and WordPress. I also have a couple of amazing grown up kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats and 9 chickens! And when I am not geeking out of some new design, you can find me hanging out in southeast South Dakota. 

Teresa Schlup

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