Visualize Success


Visualize Your Way to Success

For some, the idea of visualizing your way to success sounds mystical and maybe a little weird. But it’s really quite simple. All you need is some special quiet time and a will to imagine and focus. Take a look at these tips to help you visualize success.

1. Peace and quiet

The first step to visualizing your way to success is to get some peace and quiet. Sound impossible? Try right before bed, or as soon as you wake in the morning. Maybe you can set your alarm earlier. You will need to have some time when you are not distracted or needed.

2. Determine your goals

Be specific – “more money” is too broad. Maybe it’s $1000 a month, or being out of debt, or spending more time with your significant other or kids.

3. Imagine

Be specific and detailed here, too. Imagine exactly what it would be like to reach your goals. Imagine having that extra time with your children – what would you do? Where would you go? Picture a specific event or activity you’d like to do with them.

If you want to be out of debt, imagine the freedom of having expendable cash. Try to feel, see, and smell what you would do with that money. Maybe imagine opening a savings account – picture yourself walking into the bank and meeting with a representative there. When you imagine, include the details.

4. See yourself

As you imagine these specific scenarios, try to watch yourself as an observer would. See your personality and how you are acting. Picture yourself going to meetings, making sales, garnering clients, earning money enough to spend time with your kids – whatever you like, try watching yourself do it. Try to make it really vivid – colors, sounds, sights.

5. Bring it home

Try imagining these things happening at a specific time and date, not just whenever. Picture it in a particular season and time.

6. Energize it

As you visualize meeting your goals and succeeding in business, try breathing energy into the picture. Make it truly real.

7. Accept the vision

Sometimes, you can go through all of the above and still be thinking “it can’t happen for me.” That means this next step is especially important – accept the vision as doable, real, and possible. Embrace it and own it.

Visualization is a lot about building confidence. It’s also about tapping into the brain’s tendency to heighten your awareness to opportunities that have to do with what you’re focusing on. If it’s on your mind, in other words, you may be more likely to see the opportunities that come your way.


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