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Why I LOVE Thrive Themes

I don’t often talk about the tools I use, but this one deserves a whole love of love!

I know I am not one to talk about the design tools I use, because, I understand there are a lot of good design tools out there, and everyone has their favorites. But Thrive Themes deserves a little time in the spotlight simply because how amazing their tools are, and how much time and effort they put into keeping them that way.

But first a little history…

I started using Thrive Themes way back in my Life Coaching days as I was building my own website. Even then it was instant love, because no other design tools I had used in the past gave me the freedom to create that Thrive Themes offered. Before using Thrive Themes I had tested out dozens of WordPress themes, as well as multiple design platforms. Most of them were so limited in what you could do, I often was stuck with design features that I really didn’t love.

Thrive Themes changed all of that, and actually inspired my career change to web designer!

Over the years…

It has been five years now since I started using Thrive Themes, and every year I am impressed with the changes and innovations they come up with, from the Quiz Builder to the brand new Theme Builder. They aren’t just offering a new shiny toy with their releases. They are offering tools that will help you take your website to the next level.

And in the spirit of transparency I have tried many other design tools and themes, all promising to be the best, and none have ever come close to what Thrive Themes offers.

What I love the most…

I could talk about Thrive themes all day, but let me sum it up for you…

1. The ability to customize everything!

Thrive has always offered design customization features that allow you to truly create one-of-a-kind websites that never look like a cookie cutter site. And now with the introduction of their new Theme Builder there are even more customizations.

2. Create an online course quickly and easily!

The Thrive Apprentice tools gives you just about everything you need to quickly build a robust online course.

3. The products and plug-ins!

Before using Thrive Themes I was using a lot of different products and plug-ins on my website. And they weren’t always compatible with each other. Plus, I would need a lot of plug-ins to make everything work and work well together. With Thrive Themes products I don’t have to use near as many plug-ins, I know they will all work together, ensuring my website is running beautifully.

4. The Thrive University

Thrive Themes team is so generous in sharing their knowledge, not just about design work, but all things website related, from writing good copy, building a solid SEO platform and growing your business using their tools.

5. They are always working on something new!

I never feel abandoned by the developer behind Thrive Themes as they are always working on improvements and new innovative products.

6. Great customer support!

Having a personal background in Technology Customer Support, not many businesses will ever get this praise from me. Let’s face it… technical people are not always the best people-people and because of that, the support they offer isn’t always stellar. But Thrive Themes brings their A-game in customer support and they respond quickly, which is huge for me!

Interested in learning more?

I highly suggest you click here now and check out Thrive Themes for yourself, and see what you think.

A little bit about Teresa...

Hello! I am so glad you are here, and I am excited for this chance to tell you a little bit more about me! I am an accidental web designer who found this dream job totally by accident! (Isn't it great when that happens!) And now I have the pleasure of spending most of my days building gorgeous websites through Squarespace and WordPress. I also have a couple of amazing grown up kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats and 9 chickens! And when I am not geeking out of some new design, you can find me hanging out in southeast South Dakota. 

Teresa Schlup

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